Start Up & New Venture Creation


Elements of “Ideation”

The potential customers’ interest in your concept and their thoughts to the potential solution

The skills and technology required for developing a prototype.

The risks identified development and the potential costs of implementation.

Competitive Environment

Identifying the competitive environment helps you understand your potential concept compared to direct competitors or those offering substitutions in the marketplace. 

Analyzing the potential competitors’ products, the technology they possess and utilize, the strength of their teams, and their financial capabilities is all part of the competitive environment.



This includes legally establishing the company and submitting the appropriate filing  to the various government agencies and organizations.

Initiate the process of “papering” or documenting your relationships with potential investors, co-founders, and employees.

Branding & Marketing


The initial branding and maarketing occurs during the organization of your startup. 

Naming the company, applying and securing the rights to trademarks, name and logo, obtaining an appropriate URL, and creating social media handles. 

In parallel you will also conduct your initial efforts toward understanding your potential channels to market.


During the pitching step, you develop the documents you will need for presenting to investors to obtain your initial funding. 

Accumulating and packaging developed documentation to share with potential investors as part of any future due diligence. 

Startups frequently prepare a “pitch deck” to present their company to prospective angel or venture capital investors

Our offering

Assess the market potential of your new technology or innovative offering. Formulate a strategic vision based on market needs.

Diligent investigation of market-feedback and validation of your positioning message.

Provide guidance on legal establishment of new ventures,and the complexities of each entity.

Create a powerful investors’ “pitch deck” participate in meetings and potential serve on advisory board.